My question involves civil rights in the State of: Mississippi. I was driving down some back roads on my way home. While I was going up my driveway, an unmarked Dodge charger pulled in behind me out of nowhere. They then turned out their blue lights, and I pulled up to where I normally park. The cops gets out and says I was going 140 mph for about a mile. He gives me a reckless driving ticket and never explains the ticket, writes the ticket wrong, and tells me he should be arresting me. I asked why he never blue lighted me before we were on private property, and he said that he didnt know I was going to stop which I told him that if he did I wouldve cuz I'm not trying to get into any trouble and that i respect the police and the law.

1st of all, I never was going 140 down a loose gravel road. Secondly, he never turned his lights on whatsoever until he was already out of his jurisdiction and on my private property. He doesnt have anyway of telling how fast I was going, which was obvious when he said i was going 140 mph. I was speeding but maybe 10 mph over down my road which was normal for everybody going down that road.

On the ticket, he wrote down a road that was in his jurisdiction, but I have witnesses that know I did nothing wrong on that road. My question is; is it right for that cop to pull me over with those circumstances.