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    Default New Jersey State Background Check

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: NEW JERSEY
    Do I have to list arrest for dui's on expungement petition? I peaded guilty of one in 1982. They are not on my background check.

    Do I have to list arrests on the expungement papers that are not on my State background check? I was arrested about 38 years ago for drinking in public. I think I was only issues a ticket and paid a $15.00 fine. The town could not locate anything on me.
    Also that same year I was charged with a disorderly persons offense I pleaded guilty and paid a fine.

    To try and clarify, I know the dui cannot be expunged but my question is do I have to list every arrest even if they are not showing on the background check?

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    Default Re: New Jersey State Background Check

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