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    Default Domestic Violence

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: New Jersey
    I just received my State background check. At the top of the page it says "******ARREST 002 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE******"
    I was charged with 2C:12-1A(1) SIMPLE ASSAULT-PURP/KNOWLINGLY C,
    It was one incident on the same day. All of the charges except the simple assault were "DISPOSED IN MUNICIPLE COURT". The simple assault is listed as "DISPOSITION: GUILTY" as an "AGGREGATE SENTENCE". I was sentenced to one year of probation. Can this be expunged? If it is expunged does the "Domestic Violence" disappear from my record. I meet all other criteria for expungement. I thought the ramifications of DV were more severe. Any help?

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    Default Re: Domestic Violence

    If it has been five years since the end of your probation, you can petition for expungement.

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    Default Re: Domestic Violence

    Thank you, do I have to list arrest for dui's? I was guilty of one in 1982. and one was dismissed in 1986.

    Do I have to list arrests on the expungement papers that are not on my State background check? I was arrested about 38 years ago for drinking in public. I think I was only issues a ticket and paid a $15.00 fine. The town could not locate anything on me.

    NVM sorry. I found the answer.

    Re: Expungement. Around 1981 I was standing outside of a pool hall drinking a beer. It was the only beer I drank that night; I was not intoxicated. A municipal Police officer approached me, took me to the Police station and gave me a ticket for Drinking in public. I went to court a few weeks later, pleaded guilty and received a $15.00 fine which I paid that night. It was about 38 years ago, I was about 18 years old. I just contacted the town and they looked for It, but because I could only give an approximate date they could not find anything about the details of the citation? Would it show on my driving abstract as the town clerk suggested? Do I need to even mention this on the expungement form? It is not on my state background check of course. Would it cause a problem if I listed it as an arrest of the expungement form and estimated dates and briefly explain on the form my predicament? I haven't read up on the "hearing" part of the process, but would I have an opportunity to address it then? Is there a difference between being detained and arrested? It also does not show on my municipal background check. Also when I do a name search on my municipal background check there are 4 traffic violations that are from someone with my name. His description doesn't match me nor the vehicle. When I do a Drivers license search only MY traffic information shows. Do I contact the town that issued the tickets to this person? Thanks for any input

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