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    Question Order of Protection Tennessee

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Tennessee

    A false order of protection was taken out on me. I was arrested without being able to say anything. I went to court and the order was extended for a year. She has pictures of two bruises on her arm saying I held her down. A week later she text me and I replied and when I don't reply she says she is going to have me arrested for violating the order of protection for when I did reply. She is using it against me. When I don't answer her text she calls the people around me facetime and talks and cusses me. Is there something I can do? I have court in a few weeks, but feeling like she will have me arrested before hand if I don't comply with her demands. My hands are tied. This all started when I filed for divorce.

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    Default Re: Order of Protection Tennessee

    You need a lawyer yesterday.

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    Default Re: Order of Protection Tennessee

    If there is a protective order in place prohibiting contact, do NOT answer her texts, do NOT answer her phone calls, do NOT answer her facetime request! If you are able to, block her numbers and contact info. When you answer her calls/texts/communications, you fall into her trap and violate the order.

    You ask if there is something you can do. To reiterate doucar's reply, Yes - hire a lawyer.

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