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She was 69 years, 11 months old.
She initiated the lump sum payout on 12/10/19.
She passed on 12/13/19.

They referenced this, on one of the forms submitted:

"- If I die before January 1,2019, this election will be revoked and my surviving spouse will receive a survivor benefit."

A request for details got the additional info:

"... As noted in the SPD, the Associate benefit is payable to a surviving spouse upon death before payment start. Specifically, the SPD indicates that No survivor benefits are payable if you are unmarried... at the time of your death."

The last piece of information was not available to us. We had just found out about this pension a year prior.
There is something wrong with your dates. She couldn't have passed on 12/13/19 because this is only 10/11/19. When did she sign the papers to receive a lump sum payment? It could not have been 12/10/2019. That may have been the date to receive the payment but not the date she signed the forms to receive it. Again, this is only 10/11/19.