My question involves real estate located in the State of: Iowa

We sold a mobile home for $5,000 on contract in May 2019. When we sold it, we signed the title over to her, but put a lien on it in our name. She has paid $2000 on it, and is now saying she can't afford it and is walking away from it. While she made every monthly payment to us for the agreed upon $220, she just informed us that she has never paid lot rent for the time she has been there.

We had drawn up an initial contract, but it was never signed (which we know was a huge mistake). Since we did get the title signed over to her, do we still have some type of legal recourse in this situation? Are we responsible for the lot rent she never paid? Are we responsible to sell the mobile home now, if she walks away from it? We are concerned she may have damaged the inside as well, so we are unsure if we can make her sell it?

Thank you