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    Default Switching Phone Service Providers

    Hi! We're based in NYC and looking to switch our business from one voip service provider to a new service provider. Since our contract is up in 10 days, we're looking to sign a new contract and port out 300 phone numbers. The problem is the existing carrier know this and they've threatened to cut-off our service come the contract end-date in order to keep our business. Contractually we have fulfilled our obligation, the only thing is we need an extension to allow for a successful port out. Carrier will not budge because they know we're in a vulnerable place. Is this legal? Can I service provider bully you into staying? What are our rights?

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    Is this legal?
    Yes. Your contract says it ends on a certain day, it ends on that day. The provider has no obligation to provide temporary additional time just so you can take your business elsewhere. Why is that so hard to understand?

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    Can I service provider bully you into staying?
    You call it bullying, the provider calls it doing business.

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    What are our rights?
    You have the right to read your contract and comply with its provisions, as does the service provider.

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    Default Re: Switching Phone Service Providers

    Creating or attempting to create a list of the dozens of legal rights that you and your company, like everyone else, have would serve no useful purpose, but let me make sure I have the facts straight.

    You have a contract for Provider to provide service through a particular date (let's say 10/19/19). I'll assume that your company has paid for the service through that date. I'll further assume that your company has not paid for service beyond 10/19/19. Although you did not say so, I assume the contract does not contain any obligation to provide service after 10/19/19.

    Have I got all that right?

    And you want to know if it's legal for Provider to refuse to provide service after 10/19/19 (unless your company renews the contract)?

    What would possibly make you think the company might have any legal obligation to provide your company with service after 10/19/19? What would be the point of having a contract end date?

    If you don't want the service cut off, then renew the contract or arrange for a new provider before 10/19/19.

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