Dear all,

i did a trespassing today in Nevada. I wanted to Cross a Parking lot to take a picture of Something behind the fence. I thought that the „no trespassing“ since are for the fence and not for the Parking lot.

Just two minutes later a security guard came and told me that i did the criminal Act of trespassing. He explained the law to me and I apologized for na behaviour immidately. He Said that he won‘t call the Police and there will be nothing in my Record, but he has to take a picture of my ID for internal usage only. I showed him my Passport and he took the picture. He adviced me to leave the area and if I won‘t come back, nothing will happen. Of Course I left the area quickly.

Later I read in the Internet that this „trespassing“ is a serious Crime. Is ist possible that the guy called the Police later? Can they arrest me? E.G because of camera Recording they did on this area?

I‘m here as a foreign Tourist. Will I have and Problems by leaving or reenter the U.S?
Shall I contact my ambassy?

Sorry for my bad english Skills!

Thanks for your help