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    My question involves defamation in the state of: NM
    A friend of mine was arrested on an aggravated driving , open container and dwi. the blood alcohol was 1.6 I was immediately concerned and before work on e day I printed her booking photo with her inmate id , it did not have charges simply her photo with the id the purpose was to remember the info prior to mailing the letter . after mailing the letter I threw it in my book bag and went to work . several people inadvertently saw it , I was informed initially about her arrest from a supervisor , who had apparently informed other people prior to my knowledge . one person saw it and said thats not right . I attempted to explain it was used for me to mail her a letter and nothing more . I immediately shredded the letter . and she may pursue a lawsuit against me for def of char. I never defamed her I actually discussed with the people who came to me how we could get bail for her or get her out I also sent the letter stating how sorry I was and how we would do anything we could to help her . does she have a case since it was used for good intentions and there was no charge info there simply her photo and id?

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    An arrest/booking photo is public info and there is nothing defamatory about you having it.

    Many people say they are going to sue but don't follow up. Your friend/coworker should spend her money on rehab and a defense attorney, rather than one for a defamation suit against you.

    Also if you are going to maintain a relationship with this friend, you should learn the difference between helping and enabling your friend's addiction to alcohol.

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