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    Default Can I File Unemployment in My Check Bounces - in Illinois

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Illinois

    I was wondering if anyone can help me and my coworkers out for the state of Illinois.

    I'm in a very tough spot. I work in the accounting office and am supposed to be the Accountants assistant but I'm usually stuck doing the accountants job. In the 5 years I've been there I am working with the 8th accountant. Thats how bad of a turn over we have. The owner of the company has a BAD spending habit and has always wrote out checks for more than he has money in the bank. We are always $50,000 to $100,000 negative in Quickbooks over what we have for money available. The past 3 months have been really bad and we had a stand off with the owner 3 paychecks ago. We refused to come to work until he made sure our paychecks would clear (after we held them for 6 days). I received a paycheck on yesterday and I don't see how we will be able to cash our checks in the near future. The accountant didn't show up today and due to the medical issue he is having I don't see him coming back for a few weeks. The owner went on a week vacation, he doesn't seem to care anymore, and we bounced over $20,000 worth of checks he had wrote before he left. If my coworkers and I go to the bank and get something in writing that they are NSF, can we file for unemployment? If we file we will not go back to work. If we don't go back then NO one will be in the office to verify the unemployment paperwork. So what do I do?

    My 2nd issue is: We just found out one of the fill in accountants last year only filed a portion of what people earned to unemployment. After the current accountant found this out, we were informed that the fill in accountant never reported that most of us office staff even worked. Which means we will have issues collecting the appropriate benefits. Is there any legal advice for this? I know we can't sue the owner because he has no money.

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    Default Re: Can I File Unemployment in My Check Bounces - in Illinois

    1st issue: Not being paid is a reason that should allow you to have a good reason to quit as long as you tried to clear up the issue with your employer first.

    2nd Issue: You need to be able to prove your pay if the employer did not report it properly.

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