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    Default Limited Bin Space, Airline Asked to Check Carry on Bag. Items Pilfered from Bag

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Wisconsin

    I live in Wisconsin, but this odyssey started in Orlando with a stop in Atlanta then on to the final destination in Green Wisconsin.

    A week ago I was returning from a week at Walt Disney World on Delta airlines. I was booked on a flight from Orlando to Atlanta with a 3.5-hour layover in Atlanta then on to Wisconsin. My seat was essentially in the rear of the plane with an economy ticket so I board close to last. Delta announced that there was not enough bin space for roller bags so my bag was checked. I am not sure if they ran out of space or this was being done to keep from running out of space.

    I took what I could fit in my "personal item" out of my carry on which included my computer, my steroid asthma inhaler which had one dose left on it (there is a counter, it contains 60 doses) my rescue inhaler and my daily meds that were in weekly dose containers. I left an unopened steroid inhaler (cost $240.00 and an unopened rescue inhaler $55.00) in my carry on as I had enough medication for the flight and I had limited space in my personal item. I took out my car keys, phone, lightning charger cord, and battery and what I could carry.

    When I arrived in Wisconsin my bag was light when I claimed it at the luggage belt. I opened the bag which was new, a soft-sided zippered bag and all that was in it was an umbrella and a shirt. All the pockets had been opened and everything was stolen. This was not a bag bursting open, someone had gone through and taken everything but the items mentioned.

    Delta is requiring receipts for everything in the bag and is depreciating everything. They have now closed the case before I was done submitting receipts.

    What is the airline's liability? Can they close the case without my saying I am done submitting receipts? No time limit given.

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    Default Re: Limited Bin Space, Airline Asked to Check Carry on Bag. Items Pilfered from Bag

    With the steerage tickets, you are lucky that it was Delta. Had it been American, you not only would have had to check your bag but they'd have charged you for it. Delta at least does it complementary.

    If you have more to submit, you can get them to reopen the claim. You're not getting "new price" for the items, you get the value they were at the time they were lost/stolen.
    You can find their responsibilities here:

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    Default Re: Limited Bin Space, Airline Asked to Check Carry on Bag. Items Pilfered from Bag

    If you fly regularly and want to avoid this kind of thing in the future, buy yourself a folding cane and limp on to the plane with the pre-board. Doesn't matter what kind of ticket you have. You'll get on early and have your choice of bins.

    When you get to where you are going, limp off the plane until you get to your ride.

    I've been doing that for decades.

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