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    Default Re: Court Records Deleted from Circuit Court Website Without My Knowledge

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    The cases happened between 5 and 6 years ago in 2013/2014. I was the criminal defendant, and the respondent to the restraining orders.
    Then we can probably rule out the possibility that these cases are no longer online because of their age. You'll have to inquire of the court clerk, and your "assumption that once a case is logged into [an online] criminal court system, . . . it [is] there . . . permanent[ly]" is in error.

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    Default Re: Court Records Deleted from Circuit Court Website Without My Knowledge

    Why do my posts have to get approved by a moderator now?

    An update on my research. The case I was a defendant to was evidently sealed and I am unable to access information about it without a notarized letter request sent to the records department. I asked who may have sealed it, and the clerk said it is possible that my attorney may have advocated on my behalf.

    When I asked about the restraining order cases, apparently I am unable to access those. The clerk couldn’t provide any information beyond that, which leads me to believe that the petitioner may have gotten them sealed. Those cases were dropped from the internet court repository before the restraining order had expired, which further leads me to this conclusion.

    One other anomaly that occurred in this case is that a misdemeanor conviction stemming from the same series of cases was never transferred to the state police criminal records database. It has been 6 years and it still does not come up in my criminal background checks.

    My lawyer is very high profile and he told me he is close with the judge ruling over my cases. The case also centered around mental illness issues.

    Is it possible that my lawyer may have had influence with the judge and the courts such that he was able to seal my court proceedings without my knowledge, and prevent my conviction from being transferred? Do lawyers have this kind of power?

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