My question involves education law in the State of: IL
I searched internet but couldn't find a good answer to this question.
My high school is little bit special, it is under IL's higher education (IBHE), not in any school districts.
Last school year, I joined a project which I went to another university to conduct some research once a week.
I misused that university's computer and did some personal things (which I did some cryptocurrency mining)
The university found out in March, they disabled my account, and stopped my project.
For some reason, they didn't report this incident back to my high school in March (last school year), instead, they reported it at the end of August (in the new school year), almost 6 months later.
I thought the university already dealt with the issue (disabled my account, stopped my project) last school year, but now after they send the incident report to my high school, my school sanction me again with 5-day OSS and other things.
Is there any case? Should the university report the incident promptly? Could my high school sanction me for something happened last school year?