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    Default Is It Legal for My Friend's Father to Sell His Concert Tickets

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Texas
    My friend (14 years old) won tickets through a raffle to the Austin City Limits festival in Austin, Texas. His father took the tickets and sold them for $300 to a coworker. Not only did my friend have a deal with another friend for a higher price, his father also refuses to give my friend any of the money from the ticket. Is there anything my friend can do to either get the ticket back or at least get the money?

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    Default Re: Is It Legal for My Friend's Father to Sell His Concert Tickets

    Sure...your friend can seek to be removed from his parents' custody and/or become emancipated and then sue his father.

    Come on....

    No, there's nothing your friend can do about it. This is a matter between a child and his parents.

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