My question involves independent contractors in the state of: Arizona

I subcontract out routine office cleaning services to small companies.

All the companies I sub out to are owner operators and usually have between 2-3 employees other than the owner.

They provide all the equipment, cleaning supplies, etc. They donít wear any of our companies logos or use any of our materials. They all have their own clients besides the work I give them and they all carry their own insurances/licenses.

All the subs bill us and charge us on their own payment terms.

We donít control when they do the cleaning, but after we give them the keys, we do specify the time frame they can go in to the building... for instance we tell them you can go in and get it done any time after they close to before they open.

We also tell them the days the client is requesting.

Iím trying my hardest to make sure Iím not miss-classifying. Does everything look in order here? Anything I should do, to make sure Iím nowhere near any grey lines?