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    Question (How) Should I Respond Now

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of:
    A few days ago I suffered a fall in a store. I reported it within the half hour or so after the event.
    A day or so later I got calls from store reps, which went to voice mail. I did not return those calls. Then a call from the person who took the report wanting to know how I am, if I sought medical attention or if I would, was there bruising, etc. I said very little to him, I had not yet decided if I would seek medical att.
    Next I received a letter from their claims division saying if we haven't talked yet please call to tell me how you are.
    What is in my best interest here, to call and talk or not, or keep the letter on file?

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    Default Re: (How) Should I Respond Now

    The longer you go without medical treatment the less chance you have of being able to prove that it was caused by the fall at the store.

    The fact that you haven't yet received medical treatment tells me you haven't hit the lottery here.

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    Default Re: (How) Should I Respond Now

    Why did you fall?

    You obviously weren't injured badly.

    If you aren't going to seek medical attention, there's no real point in spending time on communication.

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