My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: FLORIDA

Hi, I recently moved from Florida to Ohio because of family issues. I notified my Apartment Leasing Office back in March this year that my dad was sick and I was going to be moving. Thus, I notified them that I would not be renewing my lease (ending Sep.30th of this year). As it turns out, I ended up having to leave on August 31st. A month prior. HOWEVER, I made sure that I paid for Septemberís rent regardless and turned in my keys. The electricity is also still in my name until September 30th. Before I even left, I asked the girl at the office if I paid off my lease, would they be charging me anything else and she looked at me like I was crazy and said as long as I paid, Iím good.

Now, however, Iím getting charged an early termination fee for a lease I paid in full for. Can they legally do this? Appreciate the help!

As another note: My lease did have an early surrender clause saying we would pay a fee if we terminated the lease early. However; the move-out section specifically states that we are to remain at the dwelling UNLESS all rent for the entire lease term or renewal period is paid in full.