My question involves real estate located in the State of: Indiana

When we bought our property we were not married. Deed states Him, Me - Maiden Name, Tenants in Common. When we married, we never changed it. Our Wills are done in married names with leaving everything to the remaining spouse. 1_Someone told us that the Property Deed should be changed. Do we need to do this and if so, how do we state that the property should be left to whomever survives the other?

2. I had property before we married and the deed is still in my maiden name. Should this be changed? 3. If I sell this property on a Land Contract, how should the deed be handled now and after the final payment is made? 4. What if I die before this land contract is paid off? I assume that my spouse will inherit based upon our Will (my will leaves it to him) and the Land Contract says it will carry on to my heirs to be paid. 5. Should this Land Contract be filed at the Courthouse?