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    Default Getting Title of the Deceased's Vehicle Put in My Name, the Caretaker of the Deceased

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Mississippi. The Deceased, whom I was his Caretaker from 2015 until his death in February 2018 had intentions of giving me one of his vehicles, which I had been driving the following 2 years of his life and am still currently driving. His death came before he was able to sign the truck over to me. The Executor of his estate and the Deceased's children agreed for me to keep the vehicle. The vehicle was not in probate. The Executor of the Estate, who is also an owner of an insurance company gave me the necessary paperwork and told me to take it to the tag place to get a title put in my name. It was not that simple. I have in my possession until this day present a copy of title, a copy from a lienholder where the Deceased had taken out a loan and documentation that the loan was paid, I have a Bill of Sale that the Executor of the Estate wrote out in his handwriting and he and the son of the Deceased signed it and it was notarized. I have a copy of his funeral services and a copy of the Letters of Administration. This was not acceptable. The Executor told me he would contact the DMV. He told me he sent in a replacement fee to get the original title, because it could not be found. He also said the DMV said one letter was misspelled on the title so that would take some time to get that corrected. He said he never received a replacement title in mail. He told me he had given me all the documents he had for me to obtain title. Well this has been going on since February 2018 and I still do not have the title. I have since gotten tickets for no tag, because I can't seem to get the title. I can't afford all these tickets beyond my control, and this is the only vehicle I have. The Executor will now not answer my phone calls anymore. After a ticket again yesterday, I called DMV, and the lady told me the ONLY way I could get title was for the immediate family to send off for a replacement title and then sign it over to me. I can not make contact with them anymore. I was told to contact a car title bond. Any suggestions? What are my options in Ms?

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    Default Re: Getting Title of the Deceased's Vehicle Put in My Name, the Caretaker of the Dece

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    I was told to contact a car title bond.
    Then do it. Be thankful that MS allows title bonds. That seems to be the only option you have left other than to continue to get tickets.

    See the statute:

    Ask your insurance agent about getting the bond. If he can't do it google vehicle title bond for your city and you'll find agents that write them.

    You might have to go back to the DMV to find out how much the bond has to be for.

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    Default Re: Getting Title of the Deceased's Vehicle Put in My Name, the Caretaker of the Dece

    This site will be of value to you:

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