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    Angry Duplicate Plate in Another State Racking Up Fines

    My question involves MULTIPLE traffic tickets from the state of: New York

    Maybe this is more of an identity theft case? My girlfriend is getting EZ-Pass fines from the state of New York - we live at least two states away and she does not have an EZ-pass device. The violator is driving a dark Ford SUV with the same plate number as her new car. It is obviously not her (Honda CR-V) car in the photos that EZ-Pass is including on the violation. However, they refuse to stop sending her violation notices and are now charging her over $1000 in additional fees and sending everything to collections. She has been on the phone with them, and just when she thought it had been resolved, the violation notices kept coming (in the double digits, so far). Over $300 in fines plus the fees mentioned above and we are expecting more.

    She just purchased her car in June, so this plate number is new to her. We are assuming that the SUV is driving with an expired plate that was not returned to DMV. Some of the violations are from *before* the time that she purchased her car, when the plate number wasn't associated with her car. There is even an EZ Pass device ID on the violation form, yet they aren't using it to identify/contact the owner of the SUV.

    EZ-Pass in NY has been no help. EZ pass in our state said they can't do anything about it. DMV in our state has been no help. How can she rectify this once and for all? We aren't sure where to turn for help.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Duplicate Plate in Another State Racking Up Fines

    Can't tell you what to say. The NJ/NY EZPass has the greatest customer disservice around.

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    Default Re: Duplicate Plate in Another State Racking Up Fines

    First of all, change your license plates. Then, some ideas: file a BBB complaint... it seems others have done it; see here. Or turn to your state representative for help. In California, they offer help with state agencies to their constituents... I suspect the same is the case in NJ. And your rep in Congress, since two states are involved. And/or consult a lawyer as referrals to collection agencies inflict a real harm to your credit and thus your finances. Good luck.

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