Alrighty, I am pretty certain I know the crowd here by now and know what I will hear, but I guess maybe I will get a glimpse from the prosecution side......since I probably won't get anything helpful....

I am not going to name the 'agency' that cited me, you will understand that part later. I was cited for speeding late in the evening. I was southbound and the officer was northbound on a 4 lane road. He flipped a U. Told me he "got me at 50 in a 40"..... I said, "a 40??? You mean 45, unless that just changed today". He said, "nope, been 40 for a long time".....LOL This went on for a while and I could tell this guy was a dick and it wouldn't matter what I say.

However, what may have me more screwed here is my insurance 'may' have expired about 30hrs ago! It was set to renew, or so I thought, but it looks like only my other vehicle is renewing! If that is the case, I have a serious issue with my proof of ins. I did not have it with me, but in my state, not having proof with you is not a biggy, but not having insurance is a big deal... I know this!!!

So anyway, officer writes me for 50 in a 40.... No this is not a 'clerical error', he wrote the fine and everything. However, this is 100% NOT debatable, and I confirmed it both directions as soon as I was done with him. It is plainly marked 45MPH and I can guarantee that officer did not make it .25mi without realizing his mistake. There were actually numerous mistakes, and ones that make me cringe because I honestly have a gut feeling this is the type of cop that gives others a bad name. He quoted things from statute that I know are not accurate and I already affirmed that. He also quote "diversion fees for me" which were so far off, it makes me wonder if was even a cop....

Now, because of the Inet, I won't go into detail, but I know the top dog with this officer's agency personally. I don't like to call in favors but if I can't get this rinsed off due to a very obvious "reading problem", how does this case look either pleading before the DA, or just taking it to trial?

My issue with bringing up speed discrepancy to the DA, is they will just request another citation written, to reflect my speeding of 5MPH over. I will of course be convicted even though they all know its a screw job. But, if I hold that card until trial and submit my articles of evidence and obtain a witness, I would like to ensure the cop's misunderstanding of the speed limit get on the record.

I realize the legal system likes to make light of this, but people finances, freedoms, and rights are violated when cops screw up. I don't find it cool at all to be the ass of a "bad ticket". If the cops was white, he would call and at least amend the ticket, but I bet he just leaves er be and nabs him another one.