I've had my FB account pretty much since they incorporated and started a Social Media platform. I've been using the same phone, computer, and same location/IP addresses for years. I went to update my phone number under my profile settings to my new cell number, it was old and hadn't changed in years. Bam. Security violation, account locked "FOR MY PROTECTION". It's been several days. I was using my phone which I always do for Facebook, and the only requirements to have it restored were to upload a picture of myself so they could verify.

It's been days, I'm locked out, and I don't have access to anything, my contacts, messages, nothing. While I understand it was done to protect me, there is no other way to have this resolved quickly that I am aware of. No phone number, no email, I can't even log in to send a complaint.

This seems like some sort of violation. Facebook is a business, it is incorporated in Menlo Park, CA and they are now costing me time, money, and resources. **** them. I'm sure I signed all my rights away, but is there anything else I can do? Do I even have a legal recourse? I know this happens to a lot of people, that, and their security scraping collection for every Facebook user has pretty much been violation of privacy rights which caused people to leave in droves.

Anyway, just curious, I'm probably F'd no matter what until they get around to fixing it.