My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: NJ

Wife and I are divorcing. Since 2015, we've lived in my mother's house with our two children rent-free in exchange for me maintaining the property and managing her paperwork while she works overseas.

After being seduced over 2018, wife announces she's giving up on the marriage in January and wants a divorce, but she intends to live at the house for the sake of the kids on the condition that she would move out if she started seeing someone else. She begins her sexual affair in Spring of this year and continues to come home like she's completely innocent. I discover everything in July but she denies it to this day. Divorce lawyers get involved, and I learn about "marital status quo" in NJ which informally prevents me or the homeowner my mother from kicking her out of the house. By Labor Day, she moves out on her own accord to a single residential apartment a few towns away allowing her to take furniture and household items from our home. According to my divorce lawyer, my mother is now free to change the locks and restrict access since it is not I who broke the marital status quo and this home is not a marital asset.

Now she threatens to call the cops for not letting her freely come back to this house whenever she feels like it. She feels she is protected by tenant laws of NJ. So as a guest of this house who has never contributed anything financially and is also part of a family residing here who also doesn't pay any rent, does she still get categorized as a tenant in NJ and therefore get tenant protections?