Thank you. That’s all I was looking for. No matter who I went to. I would of ended up with the same outcome. 4 months and I have not been able to get a clear answer. The comp lawyer says it’s work related. Personal injury says it’s the accident. Malpractice lawyer says it’s the dr. Just wanted a bias opinion

Thank u. Thatís what I wanted to know. Past couple months I have been getting different opinions Depending on what lawyer I speak with. All have valid points but also all have tried to convince me why I should stick with them. I wanted to get some other peoples thoughts and maybe some guidance in the direction I should be going. I hired a tv commercial lawyer because I didnít think it was serious. Just wanted my bike and what ever medical bills I had would be paid. So thank u for ur insight and response. I know my situation is complicated and no one can guarantee who is 100% at fault. But at least now I know what direction and what steps to take and where to start. So thank you