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    The party must either meet the definitions of a stalker or there needs to be some concern of imminent danger.

    This appears to define the lowest level of stalking in your state;

    Missouri Laws 565.227 – Stalking, second degree, penalty

    Current as of: 2018 | Check for updates| Other versions

    565.227.Stalking, second degree, penalty. — 1. A person commits the offense of stalking in the second degree if he or she purposely, through his or her course of conduct, disturbs, or follows with the intent to disturb another person.

    It will be up to a court to determine if ex’s activities meet the definition of a stalker. What you provided might not meet the criteria. The actions seem to be a bit benign. I wouldn’t expect to see an RO for the activities listed.

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    Posting history is very...informative.

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