My question involves a child custody case from the State of: NY
I am the Custodial parent. The other parent is supposed to have the child every other weekend+mid-week dinner. Since two years back after the ex refused to pay child support and I took him to court to have alimony/child support go through CSE he started working on the child trying to turn him against me. My son is now 15yo and has anxiety and ADHD. The child has at times spent a day or so extra with the father in the past. Over the summer this year he was there for two weeks straight. The relationship between the father and child is extremely volatile, and what typically ends up happening is that they fight and the father throws him out and refuses to communicate with the child. After a while he starts to communicate with child. He will withhold love and property from child until he get the child to obey him. During our vacation the child was in constant contact with the father via text, FaceTime and calls where he was reporting everything we were doing. The father was ridiculing all we did together including my family. While away my son told me that the father had decided that he was going to live him duirng the school year. I heard this twice from my son. Not once have the father contacted me regarding this. Now a week back and my son has been with him this entire time. Granted my son is 15, and at the moment says he wants to be there, what are my options?