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If dad had posted, I would have said the same thing to him. Reread OP's posts. This is a case of perfect parent syndrome where the other parent can do no right Dad should not be keeping the child but mom's complaints are absurd, Most NCP's get more than 2 weeks during the summer, and she is complaining. She complains about contact on her time yet she does it on his time. and so forth. I suspect the child is the most adult of the 3 even though he is acting like a 10YO if he is running true to form for an ADHD kid. Her bashing dad and dad being stupid will come back to haunt them. Someone has to take the first step; since it obviously is more important to OP, she needs to do it and QYB.
First, not once did I say the father is not allowed to contact child on my parental time. The fact of the matter is that we have a divorce decree which the father is not following. We each have two weeks summer vacation with the child. Other than that the child is supposed to live with me. But keep bashing me for asking for advise on how to resolve this contempt issue.

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Please disregard the other poster. There is a serious bias going on there. Dad appears to be violating the orders in more than one way. Once you get this emergency resolved you really need to take him to court for contempt for violating the orders.

Thank you for understanding! The father is in contempt on several different areas of our divroce decree, but this is the most serious one. I want to give my son chance to be with the father but also don't want the father to hijack the child from what is in the decree. He is constantly bashing me and starts inappropriate conversation with the child such as our court proceeding etc. It is a delicate matter and I wanted to get advice on how to proceed with possible not involving the courts.