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    Default Non-Disclosure Agreement

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: DC
    This is about people working in the White House. I understand that employment often involves a non-disclosure agreement. Let's take the case where a person works in the White House and is an employee of the United States government and also works for the President. Can the person that the U.S government employee works for add additional terms as a condition of employment, for example not discussing the personal behavior of your supervisor during after your employment if this goes beyond what is required as terms of employment as a U.S. government employee?

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    It is questionable whether an NDA, outside of one for valid security matters, is even enforceable against a federal employee. I suspect we will have an answer to that by the time trump leaves office as he has claimed to be suing several former White House employees for violating an NDA.

    Here is a news article about this specific issue.

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