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    My question involves malpractice in the state of: Massachusetts

    My son has been prescribed "Clonazepam" for the last 4-5 months, i mg 2 times a day. (He has extreme anxiety) Unfortunately, because of the crack down on prescribed drugs, especially a narcotic drug, he's had to take urine tests at the doctor's office, and the meds have not shown up. Therefore the doctor doesn't believe he is taken them. I know he does, I watch him, and without them, he walks the floors. He did refill his precription last month, but he is now over due for another script. He called the doctor, last week, and it's been 7 days, and still no reply. We did some research on-line, and found that many people are having the same problem with it not showing up in their urine. This is one information that I found: "The urine test I had on 3-26 after the doctor calling the lab, did show a very small amount of the drug in my system. 7 metabolizes. Which is very small. The doctor said klonopin is excreted from your liver extremely quick. Which is why it won't show up on urine tests. Now I also called the manufacture of the drug and they said only 2% of unchanged meds are excreted through your urine. Which is a very very small amount. So unless you take like 2mg 2 hours before your drug urine test it won't show up." This is another response: "I am prescribed 1mg of klonopin twice daily for the past 8 years and use as directed. It never shows up in frequent labs. In order to keep my script the prescribing Doctor had me take the 1mg dose at his office 90 min. prior to lab with a Nurse and himself as witnesses. Results still came back negative for klonopin. I don't believe a Doctor should or will lose his license because a prescribed drug such as klonopin doesn't show in a drug screen. The Doctors that I have spoken with have given me explanations from rate of metabolism to ineffective absorption of drug. I have found out that if I stop taking my fairly small dosage abruptly I will have a seizure. This has happened 48-72 hours after running out and not being able to refill due to situations beyond my control." I can give you even more info

    I am scared as heck for my there something we can do? The doctor or nurse will not return my son's calls.

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    You can't force a doctor to write a prescription for drugs he thinks are ill-advised. Your only option is to find another provider.

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    Is your son a minor or an adult?

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    Quote Quoting flyingron
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    You can't force a doctor to write a prescription for drugs he thinks are ill-advised. Your only option is to find another provider.
    There are no guarantees a new doctor will prescribe this medication. Especially if drug abuse is suspected. A new doctor will more than likely request a copy of your sons medical records from his current doctor.

    Your son might want to look into having a genetic test done. His system could metabolize medications at a faster rate.

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