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    Default Paid Off Mortgage but They Keep Saying I Owe More

    Not sure I have correct forum spot, however we had a mortgage with Old National Bank. It in turn sold to Everhome Mortgage. After years of with them in August 2015 we requested a payoff and was in the process of sending that payment. In which that same time Everhome mortgage was selling to Nationstar mortgage. I didnít think anything of it and we sent the payoff that we received from Everhome to nationstar. Not long months after they started sending emails, letters and calls saying I owed approx $1500 more. After many hours of phone calls I thought it was fixed. They had took over $1,000 and put it into escrow instead of paying off mortgage. I guess it was a trick on their part to keep it open and get more interest. Even with that they still said I owed approximately $400 more. For months we have had someone taking pictures of our house each month. Each time I tried to catch them they drive off fast. When they did leave letters on door they was for a company that said they didnít have any information for us. Fast forward till today we received a certified letter stating we needed to pay $5,055.00 to bring our loan current and another several to it it off. I called and argued requested a paper trail they claim but not much luck. I can not find any ooerwork from years ago neither is Everhome even in business anymore. I canít afford an attorney neither can I afford to pay this amount or really want to since they are ripping us off.
    Can someone please help advise me on what can be done.

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    Default Re: Paid Off Mortgage but They Keep Saying I Owe More

    If you can't afford an attorney and you can't find your records to prove what you paid then your options are either to pay what they say or refuse and accept the consequences which could include foreclosure of your home.

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