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    Default Landlord Has Done Nothing About a Roach Infestation, Moving End of Month

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Massachusetts

    I rent a place in Boston, and there has been a problem with roaches since well before I moved in. I know a landlord (who delegates a property manager to make repairs and whatnot) is obligated to keep your apartment in good condition from the time you first move in until you leave. All of us have complained multiple times to the Landlord in texts and phone calls (we also have pictures), Property Manager and even the Realtor that it is a problem. Not a single day goes by that you don't see at least a dozen oriental or German roaches. My buddy is an entomologist (a scientist who studies insects), and before I even told him there was a roach issue, he stepped inside and immediately noticed an infestation it by the odor they emit.

    After complaining a few times, he finally sent his Property Manager who just sprayed at them, as if that was not what we were already doing. The place needed a visit by an exterminator. The problem did not change at all.

    NOW that I finally called him and said I am not extending my lease because he still refuses to do nothing about the infestation (which has gotten significantly worse) and has breached the Warranty of Habitability, he decides to send an exterminator next week. I should have told him that I was aware that what he was doing was against the rules earlier in my lease or withheld rent, but I didn't know if that would mean getting a bad reference or not.

    Here is the thing: my lease expires on the 31st of this month, and though I regret not going to the City, I feel like I am entitled to some money back. Is there any way this is possible or is it just through court?

    By the way, I am on a sublease-if that matters.

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    Default Re: Landlord Has Done Nothing About a Roach Infestation, Moving End of Month

    Not really sure what you're contemplating, but if you think someone owes you money and he/she/it won't pay, your recourse is to sue.

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