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    Default Noise Complaint

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: MI

    There is a large business ( 200+ acres) behind my property. Never had a problem with them in over a decade - until recently. They expanded their operation to the chunk of land behind my house. Now ??? 6 days a week all I hear is back up beepers and the slamming of truck bed tailgates from 7am - 7pm. NON stop all day Monday - Saturday.

    Since they expanded there is NO WAY to enjoy our backyard anymore at all. I stopped reading in my backyard, stopped entertaining - bon fires, barbques...... - stopped sitting in my swing enjoying nature ...... now when friends come over ?? We sit in the house. We cannot enjoy going outside anymore. How sad to be cooped up indoors when we have a beautiful, open, expansive landscape behind our home that we used to love & appreciate in awe !!! No more bocce, no more croquet, no more bon fires and no more enjoyment at all.

    It is constant and every day. To the point that I was driving in my car and heard back up beepers in my head. NOT KIDDING. It is driving me crazy. But i dont bother going to the city council because they never do anything and always side with commercial over residential in our small city. What can I do besides move ?????

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    What can I do besides move ?
    A list of things you can do would probably number in the dozens or hundreds.

    The first and most obvious thing to do would be to call or meet with the owner/president/whatever of the business to discuss the matter.

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    Default Re: Noise Complaint

    Well, if you bought your house knowing that "There is a large business ( 200+ acres) behind my property" then you should have expected the inevitable expansion and noise.

    What can I do besides move ?????
    I guess you can start by checking your local noise ordinance. If the business is not complying and the city won't do anything, you'll have to consider filing your own private nuisance lawsuit which, as a practical matter, would probably cost you more in lawyer fees than the cost of installing a block fence and some sort of hedges or shrubs that grow above your block fence as something of a sound barrier.

    Or sell your house and move, understanding that you are likely to have to discount the price accordingly because everybody who looks at the property will hear that noise.

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