My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Indiana

Contractor quote $2,800 for foundation repair. Showed up and repaired foundation but left a HUGE HOLE on the side of the house. We still have a tarp over it and it has been over 60 days. We put $1,000 down and when they sent us a bill for the balance we told him he needed to finish the job first. He had "no idea" that his guys left a huge hole on the side of our house.

About a month ago some guys came out with 5-10 bags of garden soil and threw it in....didn't even come close to filling this hole. They said they would be back the following week.

So this morning I'm getting ready to get on a conference call and these clowns show up and want to make some further lame attempt to fill this hole. The dogs were FREAKING out, I was freaking out, I told them they needed to schedule a time to be here and not just show up unannounced. At this point, I'm done. They have left this for TWO months like this! At what point can I just settle this out, fill the hole myself, and get these clowns out of my life?