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    Question How to Find Someone’s Real Identity, if He Uses a Fake Name

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Maryland

    How to find someone’s real identity, if he uses a fake name?

    Thanks for weighing in for my threads.

    I find hard time find a real identity of a person (scam artist) , who pulled a scam.

    I realized that he used fake name, because he doesn't want to be found. I know the address, where I met him.

    I know someone lives in this address related to him. The faces of folks lives in this address resembles to the scam artist.

    As a individual, I have a challenge to find real identity. I did check with Law Enforcement, who is not willing to come forward. They said, there is no criminal act, so they do not want to be involved.

    Consumer protection - Maryland State attorney general, FTC are not helping.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: How to Find Someone’s Real Identity, if He Uses a Fake Name

    Hire a private investigator.

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    Default Re: How to Find Someone’s Real Identity, if He Uses a Fake Name

    Your post raises no legal issue. If you think someone is using a fake name, you can hire a private investigator.

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