My question involves criminal law for the state of: Georgia

My son is 16 years old, worked all summer & spent his money to paint & restore a truck to drive to school. Last Tuesday he was in class & two deputies came & escorted him outside. When they walked out of school he could see the drug dog & two other deputies going thru his truck.
The police said the dog "Alerted" to his truck. It wasn't locked so they opened it up & proceeded their search & constantly asking him where the drugs were & that they Knew he is dealing on school property.. They broke door panels, Air vents & numerus scratches & 2 chips as big as a quarter on a $3500 paint job that is not 3 weeks old that he worked HARD for.
No one seen the dog "ALERT" & no one observed the search..... & No DRUGS were found..
The School Board refuses to pay any damages telling us that We Can Not prove deputies done it.
Board said Cameras in parking area were not working that day & deputies just happened to not be wearing their body Cams.

To Drive on School property my Son signed a paper acknowledging "Automobiles may be subject to a search if probable cause".

I Drug tested him that Day & he was "CLEAN", he is an Honor Student 98-100 grades & never misses Days

Do we have the right to observe dog "Alerting" to truck"?
Can a search be done without notifying the driver or Owner?
Can a Search be done without driver or owner present?