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    Default Dirtbike Warranty from Third Party Provided from Dealership

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Colorado

    Hey guys so here is my story. I bought a used dual sport (plated dirtbike) from a dealership. they sold it to me for a decent price and offered me warranty on the bike for one year through a 3rd person seller.
    So the engine ended up seizing (only took it out about 3 times and less than 15 hours of riding time on it) and now to repair is a 5k bill. So here I am, finance 5k for this dual sport, engine is seized and dealership is having a hard time on the warranty to cough up for the repairs that I paid for. bike was never negligently used and due to its "past" they can not offer warranty. But how is that my problem? I bought it from the dealership with no known history of the past and bought this warranty, dealership that I bought it from mentioned they had to rebuild the engine. Oh and I had to take it to another dealership because they are not authorized to work on that brand.

    do I have a valid case here? if so, what can I sue for? I just want a new bike, I do not care about getting tons of money, just an equal valued bike.

    dirtbike in question is a beta350rr

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    Default Re: Dirtbike Warranty from Third Party Provided from Dealership

    You bought a warranty policy from a third party seller. Seems to me that it's not the dealer's problem. It's between you and the warranty company.

    Did you read the warranty? Do you know what it covers? Did you comply with its terms and conditions?

    Did you get a written explanation from the warranty company as to why the repair or replacement is not covered?

    This site doesn't have an attachment feature but other legal forum do. Find one of them that does, upload a copy of the warranty policy for further discussion.

    Not much help here without the answers to the above questions and without seeing the warranty.

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