I had an ex-girlfriend who came here from another country with a tourist visa. In our conversations via Facebook messenger, she needed me to help pay for her plane tickets since not even her own relatives in the USA would help her. She insisted that she'll pay me back and I said OK to that. After spending some time here, she got detained by ICE. She asked me to help hire an immigration lawyer which helped her get freed and apply for a refugee status. After several Federal hearings which finally granted her a 2-year temporary residence, all the expenses accrued became barely a few hundred dollars beyond the $5K limit for any small claims court. The thing is she said she'll pay me by a certain date but then would say she'll do it at another date. She also refused to consent to signing a formal agreement although she keeps acknowledging the amount she currently owes and insisting that she'll eventually pay me back. Recently and originally, she said she'll be able to pay me back by October or November 2019, but then lately she said make it February or March 2020 because she claims she's still struggling to handle her finances given that she's underpaid for a not-yet-legal status. In case she fails to keep her words again come February or March 2020, is it possible to sue her in civil court to have the judge make her consent to formally signing a repayment plan? If not, could I perhaps sue her in criminal court for scamming me? If so to that, can it affect her immigration status? She now lives in Texas. I live in Virginia.