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    The departments of transportation are planing to replace a portion of Interstate 10 where is crosses the Mobile Bay in Alabama. However a group that calls itself the Alabama Toll Road Tunnel and Bridge Authority led by Governor Ivey plans to turn over the construction and ownership of this road to a foreign government. Highways are defined as public land. It is illegal in the United States for public land to be under the control of a foreign government or a private corporation.
    Here is one of the Private toll bridges in Ohio, connecting Ohio and West Virginia I have traveled a few times.

    Also the Ohio Turnpike is privately owned and maintained by the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission, the State has some interest in it but it's not an Independent Agency of Ohio though.

    I-10 runs across Country, as far as I understand, each state is responsible for their Intrastate portions, that includes such as toll roads, as they see fit.

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    Highway departments are required to build bridges over rivers. They are not required to build bridges over oceans. Traffic engineers never would have come up with the current plan. I came up with an alternate plan that required no thought because it was obvious. Simply connect Interstate 10 to Interstate 65 on the east side of the bay. This will reduce traffic across the bay by 1/3 and will create a detour route should interstate 10 need repairs. This will save 30 miles of driving to motorists that do not need to cross the bay and they might be inclined to pay a toll for the short cut. This will also reduce the time needed for emergency evacuation. So you need to ask what is going on here. I think the speed trap laws apply. Judges have ruled that speed limits and other traffic control devices will be put in place by traffic engineers not by local politicians as a method of generating revenue from traffic tickets. The governments is trying to avoid paying for the road which they are required to do. If interstate 10 is damaged and not repaired in a reasonable time the highway department will be required to seize the toll road under eminent domain and suspend tolls. Since some fool will have signed a contract guaranteeing revenue of 4 times the cost that is what tax payers will have to fork over. I want the politicians out of the loop and I want to see what traffic engineers think needs to be done. To review the current plan is not a quicker route for an existing highway it is a repair of an existing highway. If you allow this every bridge in the country that needs to be replaced will be replaced by a toll bridge.

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    Two of my posts have not been posted that would have answered some of your questions. So I will give you some new information. (m)Protection of Nonmotorized Transportation Traffic.
    The Secretary shall not approve any project or take any regulatory action under this title that will result in the severance of an existing major route or have significant adverse impact on the safety for nonmotorized transportation traffic and light motorcycles, unless such project or regulatory action provides for a reasonable alternate route or such a route exists. I have sent this information to every one in the Alabama and United States government that has an interest in this case. and have been stone walled by all of them When the government thinks I'm wrong they let me know right away. Currently no such detour is possible I cycled through the tunnel and nearly passed out. There is not enough oxygen in there. I simply proposed that what ever plan they come up with they should add a sidewalk. The use of a highway by pedestrians is also a civil right.

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