My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Arizona

I own a Janitorial company iím going through some hard times right now.

The way we operate is we make the sales and find clients and we sub out the contracts to subcontractors.

I have a couple subcontractors (Vendors) that I owe money to because I had made bad spending choices on things that came up and I failed to regain the money back to pay for these subs. (Some business and personal related).

I ended up filing for bankruptcy this year and included these vendors in my bankruptcy as creditors as I havenít been able to Get ahead.

One of the subs included in my bankruptcy is still trying to collect on me. (Even though itís already almost discharged).

They are now saying iíve Committed fraud and they want to peruse that and put me in Jail?!? I owed them about $800.

Back when this was going on, I told the sub that the client hadnít payed me yet when they did to buy me some time to get the money together to pay them, but they found out and think Iím trying to hold out some sort of scam when that was never my intention.

Iím only 20 with a baby on the way and Iím just trying to get everything back in order. I have a couple other Vendors that i have similar situations with and luckily they didnít pursue anything (they were also included in my bankruptcy).

My intentions were never for this to happen but my spending habits and decision making has left me in a bad spot.

Combined for all that I owe to subs, maybe totals $3000?

I wish I could pay these people back right now but my bankruptcy forbids me from paying anybody back.

Am I going to jail for this? Iím so scared and worried. I Just want to make everything right.

to add: add this point we donít have any clients or vendors Iím working with as I donít have money to push the business.