My question involves malpractice in the state of: Texas

My 57 Year Old brother died. He had an Aortic Valve replaced in 2016. The first valve was leaking and failing. 32 days later, the same Dr. and Facility replaced the valve of same kind and make, but 2mm larger. He spent ~6 more weeks in the hospital because of an infection caused by the blood heating/cooling machine. 4 months later he received a warning letter about this machine causing infections. In 2018, he started feeling like he was before the first surgery. He returned to that Dr. and it was determined that the second valve was failing and needed to replaced again. He was on SSDI at this time because of his heart condition and would be on Medicare beginning 8/1/2019. He decided to research his options rather than go through another cracking of his chest and discovered the valve could be replaced thru a vein in his leg. He was ambulanced to the hospital in Dec. 2018 where they told him he could wait until Aug. 2019 if he took it easy. That it was not an emergency. In March of 2019, again he was ambulanced and again the Dr. gave him the option to have a 3rd same valve replacement or wait until Medicare began to have the procedure done through his leg. He did some more research and decided to have the procedure done at a different facility with a different Dr.. This facility was promoted to have the best cardiac center in the country. Then in June 2019, he had to call an ambulance for the same reason and instructed them to take him to the new facility. He spent 5 days there going through extensive testing and the new facility agreed that he indeed needed another heart valve replacement, but he could wait until his medicare became effective. He was sent home and told to do nothing but watch TV and wait. 6 days later he died from Cariomegaly associated with aortic valve disease.

Based on this summary, should I consult with an attorney and what kind? I think there may be a class action against the makers of the heating/cooling machine in process.
Also, it appears the second facility lost its medicare funding in late 2018 due to poor performance in their cardiac center. Any advice and thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.