My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Illinois

1. I signed a contract for a year at a furnished apartment
2. I move in and a few days later i find out there's a gigantic vomit stain and the bed frame is messed up.
3. I text landlord saying this sucks, please fix asap.
4. Landlord texts back I will fix this tomorrow morning
5. The next day after work at 6pm I get back and the issue is not fixed. I have not received any update from landlord. I assume given initial carelessness, he forgot
6. I text verbatim "No one came, i am not interested in staying past the end of the month, please start looking for other people"
7. He says they're 7 hours late and will get there
8. They fix the issue and I say thanks all good to him. (I assume since the issue is fixed its understood, that i was no longer interested in moving out )
9. He never follows up, asks for clarification, or mentions anything about me saying i was interested in moving out.
10. A week later he says he's found someone else for the end of the month and that I cancelled the lease not him.

I don't know anything but I would think that I never said I was cancelling the contract and he never asked for clarification that he can't legally say I cancelled and sign someone else on. Especially since that interested was based on two issues that ended up being resolved. I never had means to cancel the contract in the first place, there was no early termination clause or anything.

What should I do?