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    Default Is Full Spectrum Hemp Cbd Oil Legal to Order Online

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Georgia

    I suffer chronic back pain and also have an anxiety disorder along with migraines that occur sporadically. I have heard really good things about the results of full spectrum hemp oil, and the product that I'd be getting is one by this company. It's third party tested, and it has less than 0.3% THC. Since it is full spectrum, there are traces. But they're under 0.3%. And they post the results of the lab tests, which for the product I was most interested in said that it has 50mg of CBD per dose of the compound that has the medicinal properties that I've heard are so beneficial for many people with similar health issues. But since it's full spectrum it does have traces of THC, but they're under 0.3%. They post the tests, which showed that it has traces of THC that are only 0.2% and consistently test well below 0.3%. This Lazarus company is appears to be one of the more major CBD oil companies I've found, and their products are derived from hemp (e.g. cannabis plants that produce less than 0.3% THC).

    Where I live, there are many similar types of products available (e.g. hemp-derived CBD oil). I have tried CBD products before, which are highly effective for me actually. It has made a huge difference in terms of my anxiety, as well as having greatly helped with my back pain. But the stuff in stores around where I live is just too expensive honestly. This is much cheaper and I have heard very good things about it. If this stuff were more affordable I feel that that this supplement could make a real difference in my life. And from what I have read, this oil would be legal to ship in the mail. However, I just wanted to double check on this to make sure I didn't miss anything that could get me in trouble before I order this supplement online.

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    Default Re: Is Full Spectrum Hemp Cbd Oil Legal to Order Online

    Technically, purchasing hemp products online is legal. There was a federal preemption of the state laws (and Georgia was hemp friendly to begin with). There has been however, some difficulty with shipments being intercepted but those were usually large trucks of the stuff, not individual supplements shipped by common carriers.

    I've reported your post however to have the link removed. While your inquiry may be genuine, it could be construed as improper advertising on this forum.

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