My question involves court procedures for the state of: Minnesota
Good Day! I received 2 calls last week from a “private” number, and the caller left 2 similar voice mail messages.
(I might add that my voicemail message is the default mechanical message that comes with the service, not my voice, and nothing on this default message indicates my name or that I am the owner of the voicemail.)

The caller identified himself as Clifford something or another and said he will be serving me with paperwork for “notification of court documents”. He said he will try to meet me at my place of employment and home all day on Monday 12 August, and I need to be at one or the other places to “sign off” on the documents, and that I “need to present him with a valid photo ID”. He gave me an 877 number to call and confirm I will be home on Monday and gave me a claim number.

I am quite certain a valid process server doesn’t make appointments with the one to be served, doesn’t alert them to the pending “summons”. He didn't use the term summons or subpoena. I checked both my residential county & neighbor county, , and I am not listed as having any pending court appearances. As well, I have never heard of having to present a process server with a photo ID. So, I assume a petition hasn’t been filed yet? What do you think?
I do not work Monday the 12th, and regardless of whether I am home or not, my door will not be answered. I think this is a scam. Doesn’t a claim need to be filed in the court before a summons is issued? Thank you.