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    Default Civil or in Real Estate Law Secton Mailbxes Illegally Encroached , Refusal to Remove

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: az
    I am disabled with brain stem compression, so bear with me, unsure if this topic goes in Real estate law section? or civil law section? Strange issueeI have encountered, and if any one you know Legally, what I can proceed with, plmk thank you in advance.
    1. 8 people put their mailbox on my land, NOT an easement, but 15 ft by 20 feet INTO my property. I have tried to be nice(went to speak to them in person and told them theyre on my land and pls remove mailbox, NO luck, they all said they refused to because usps driver had told them to NOT put box in front of their homes, but on MY land /other side of the street for pick up/in/ouoing mail.
    2. I conttacted the post office and of course they denied being responsble telling the folks that, but CONTINUED to pick up and in/out mail at the location on my land, so that makes NO sense, they had too have told the folks to put boxes there, as post offce picks up there!! thus, sounds like a DESIGNATED mail spot to me!! so 8 people word vs the usps , basically
    3. Told post office contact these 8 people get those boxes off my land NOW, 3 station managers, lied to me June 25 and to today, I have all their emails saying they wrote letter and sent to the 8 people of couse the 8 told me NO they never got, so I eascalted the complaint(these 3 local station postmasters, they told me they were, last thursday I somehow found an commsioner in WA postal and she emaled me the consumer advocate and said they would quickly resolve the issue, as I told her, it has cost me $1400 to HAVE to get a survey to PROVE the boxes encroach onto my land, and $500 to consult a lwyer, and $35 to mail letters t the 8 people. and $3000 damage from the mail vehicle drivng up onto my land and destroyingg all the grass, brush, bushes , plants in that area.$3000 for the re conditionng of the area. I told the usps I want reimbursement, as the 8 people identified WHICH usps employee told them to put the boxes their, it was the driver, who acutally came driving up when I was askning one of them to remove the box and asked them WHY would you put your box there on my land? , NOW, the driver is GONE, either fired, transferred retired or???? so usps claims sorry cant interview her!! HOW connveneint for them!
    4. Sorry long story, short now: Finally I must have got hold of the correct usps person/supervisor becaause they wrote letter to the folks telling them their encoroached in my land and that mail is STOPPED at my land location, and that they must go pick up their mail at different location
    5 Issue stll remains: WHO can now remove/poseess those 8 boxes? usps told me NOT felony for me to remove, throw away or sell or whatever, as I own them now that NO mail recepatble used as, and they are trespass/encroached on my land, and I have spoken to the folks, and sent them certiiified letters that 2 accepted and the other 6 REFUSED and jus sent back to me. usps advised me to call the sheriff as I am disabled and these 8 folks threatened me after I told them Im selling my land and their encroachment has impeded the sale of my land, as buyers have shown the land to wanted to buy, but when I had to disclolse spds that encroached area, they all backed out of purchase.I need these boxes OFF my and ASAP as I have to show it again this weekend. LEGALLY can i remove them now? the 8 wont, dont understand why but I wlll,
    6. Also usps told me go sue the 8 people, as they are the ones who did put in boxes, even tho they stupidley listened to the misinformed usps driver to install on my land, so usps says the 8 folks will be the ones to pay the burden of the 1400 survey that i got to prove they encroahed, my lawyer fees, and the damage to my land. Has anyone else had this mailbox issue happen? I cant beleive the usps gets away with this kind of behaviour. ruin my land, and blame the idiiot people who listened to usps told them where to put box on my land! Bottom line is i CANT sell my land to anyone, its devalued when its trespassed/encroached upon. and if i stlll CANT remove this boxes!! and ive gone thru all the routes my poor brain can think of, but I NEED reimbursement from the resposible parties.

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    Default Re: Civil or in Real Estate Law Secton Mailbxes Illegally Encroached , Refusal to Rem

    I think I've read this story somewhere else.

    Yeah, is this you:

    Bottom line: There is probably a handyman you can hire to remove them and dispose of them.

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