My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: New York

I was terminated from a worldwide corporation due to “violation of child labor law”. I was the store manager of location; only use who had access to certain things. On a requested day off I was called in bc of an urgent matter. I had requested the day off to spend with my son who had just graduated 5th grade the day before. Because I didn’t plan on working my day off I didn’t have a sitter for my child. I went to work with my son; the safe has a 10 minute theft prevention feature so I set the safe and remained behind the register area for the 10 mins so I could get our of the store ASAP. In those 10 mins my son who is 11 said hey mom show me the register. I didn’t think anything of it. So I rang up a few customers and he assisted me. He just pressed buttons on screen; I handled cash. I did not leave him unattended. He was on the register with me for less then 10 mins. Because an employee was on the Verge of termination himself he called HR and reported I had my son In the store. So they investigated on camera and than I was terminated. My question is will I be successful in filing an appeal with unemployment? The denied the claim saying I violated a law. I was a store manager on verge of promotion so if I knew that my actions would have lead to termination I obviously would have never brought my son into the store for those 10 mins. They claim I as a manager am held to higher standards so I should know better. I just wanted to get unemployment until I find another Job. Will my appeal be successful? Thank you !!