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    MMM....I'm just not willing to go that far. Married and state law presumes paternity. While it's true that stranger things have happened I wouldn't bet on it.

    That said, this whole thing is such a disaster I wouldn't lay any bets.
    Just understand that presumed paternity can be overcome. In a circumstance where no father is listed on the BC, then the husband, while being the presumed father, is not the official father. The child is also very young and doesn't even call him daddy, by his own admission. He is obviously very attached to the child and the child may be attached to him, but the child has clearly been raised to not consider him to be daddy.

    I don't know how this one is going to go, but at two, its highly possible that the child won't even remember him by the time this gets to court. Does anyone here have any significant memories of people who were in their lives before two but not after? I don't remember either of my great grandfathers, with whom I was supposedly close, other than from pictures, and we lost both of them the year I was three.

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    I do understand that. I also am unwilling to say that that's the likely outcome. I cannot say what will happen, there are factors on both sides that play one another favor. It's why I recommended an attorney.

    TO be frank, the whole situation is ridiculous. It reeks of military 'marriages' where women marry junior enlisted kids for benefits and the enlisted kid gets a little extra pay in the for of an allowance for housing. Those always blow up in faces as well.

    All that said, I've known of cases that don't go the way that mom wants it to whether the husband wants it to or not.

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    Sorry fir the miscommunication yes we r legally married I have a marriage certificate

    And no we have not got a divorce

    So I let it be known that I have been asking questions and getting info that I thought I deserved bc I believed it was my right as a husband and a caring father but I guess I was wrong and it really came back and bit me in the ass to the point even my wife's mom left my side. But I just want to say thank u to all who tried to help me and give me back a piece of mind I lost long ago. Till I need yalls advice again stay sharp and healthy my friends

    And who ever said she will be to young to remember me in the near future u r right bc my bio dad left me when I was 2 and I have no memory of him so the same will go for this lil one sadly enough but he chose to leave me I was forced to leave her so I feel better knowing I at least fought till the end for the ones I cared about

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