My question involves defamation in the state of: Montana.

My ex moved out and left me a note to say that the thirty day notice to vacate the apartment we had shared was put in to the management company. On the first of this month I went down to pay the rent and found out that she had moved into another of their properties. I told them that I still planned on living at the dwelling and I personally gave them no thirty day notice to vacate nor did I sign my name to anything of the sort. Of course they looked shocked and huddled in an office to talk about it but I overheard the conversation.

It seems the Ex made a deal with them that she would clean the apartment (she did ask me to let her know when I had moved out so she could come clean the apartment) and the move in fees and damage deposit would switch over to her new dwellings lease and she would not have to pay them again.

In the end I was told I could stay since I had no idea she was moving out and that I was at work at the time she gave them the thirty day notice in my name since she did not have to give them one as she only switched to another of their properties so they were aware of her intent to vacate the property.

Is there any legal recourse I can take because she did try to connive and swindle me out of what is rightfully mine and she did tell them that I planned on moving and gave them a thirty day notice to vacate the premises letter supposedly signed by me.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I have never encountered this nor any situation like it before.

Thank you.