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    Angry Expedia Refuses to Pay Back Refund of Ticket

    Hey all,

    I've been continuously facing an issue with Expedia for the past couple of months regarding getting a refund for one of my canceled tickets, I'll do the best I can to explain the situation and the steps I took to solve it. Apologize for the long post.

    I purchased a flight ticket (along with an extra plan that will reimburse the ticket price if canceled for any reason). Unfortunately, I booked the ticket at the wrong airport and cancelled an hour or so before the flight. I then immediately contacted Expedia via online chat to make sure the ticket was cancelled, they then confirmed and stated that I should get a refund in approximately 8 weeks. This occurred on January 4th 2019.

    It is now August and I am yet to receive my refund, I have contacted them several time via email, phone and online chat. According to Expedia the payment has already been processed and refunded, but I did not receive anything in my account, apparently the amount was processed on January 07, 2019 and refunded in full on February 24, 2019.


    At the time I was still waiting for a call or email stating the status of the refund. It wasn't until March that I decided to call to ask inquire about the status of the refund, to which I was told it takes an average of 8 weeks to get the refund. So I waited some more.


    It wasn't until late April that I decided to given them a call, to which they stated they have paid it back. That got me puzzled so I check my bank account online and got nothing. I decided to pay my bank a visit and print out a statement and explain to them whats going on, they confirmed that I have received nothing neither from the airline nor from Expedia. They also said they could help if Expedia either contacted them or gave them a reference number of sorts to check for the amount.


    So I called them again on May to understand what is going on, what of the customer representatives directed me to contact the airlines to which I did to no avail as they said that it was on Expedia to pay me back and not them since I booked the ticket through Expedia's service (I find it quite odd that I was told to contact the airlines). I call back Expedia demanding to receive at least a reference number so I can show my bank they state they cannot due to various reasons and end up sending me a simple email to show my bank, which I do to no avail.

    I stay in Malaysia so making these international calls is quite expensive I decide to email them explaining the situation to which I receive a reply that I should check with my bank. So I chat with Expedia online yet again, answering the same questions and getting back the exact same answer.


    In June I decide to call them yet again, to which the representative assigned me a case number saying they will look into the matter and email me within 2-3 days, I receive no email and after around 7-9 days I email them reminding them that I am suppose to receive an email from them with a solution. They finally send the email saying the exact same thing that the email has been processed.


    I decide to pay the Kuala Lumpur Expedia branch a visit, determined to resolve the issue within that same day. Unfortunately, the Expedia branch in KL only serves hotel and accommodation issues regarding Expedia. Regardless I explain my issues and after a failed attempt to contact Expedia HQ due to time difference I end up on the phone yet again talking with yet another customer representative at the Expedia branch in front of Expedia employees. I told them how silly this was, they were understandable though as they said this is not the first time something like this has happened but saying not to this extent.

    I end up talking with the customer representative for over 2 hours, to which I tell my story all over again, even though I have a case number (what the point of having a case of no relevant information is in it ?). I am then assigned a new case and am told that I will be emailed. Now adamant to resolve the issue that very same day I decline the email and say that I'd like it resolved now, he puts me on hold for a while gets back and says there nothing they can do now and assures me that my case is being taken very seriously (I've been told that plenty of time, no longer believe it). I agree but on one condition I request that he calls me instead of emails, he agrees and tells me to expect a call with 2-3 working days. I thank him, hang up the phone and leave.

    3 days later I get an email ...... after

    Dear Yusuf,

    We have received your refund request for your flight reservation with SriLankan Airlines. We are sending this email to inform you that SriLankan airline allows email contact only. We will give you an update within twelve days. We apologize for any delay and inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank you for choosing Expedia.

    To which I reply

    Dear ----,

    I have been patiently waiting for over 4 months. So far I have gotten in touch with expedia customer support via email, calls and online chat, and last week even went as far as visiting the expedia branch office in KL and also called Sri Lankan airlines myself.This is not the first time this has happened either. I was informed that I would be contacted via phone call within 72 hours, not through email, and I am still expecting the phone call.Furthermore, not only have I spent $50 us dollars in international calls so far, I did not receive the call I was assured of, and I was assigned a new case ID which is also for nought . Please call me through the following number +-----------. I would like this issue resolved within this business week. I have been waiting almost 5 months now, I have called, chatted, mailed and even went over to your branch office but nothing seems to be working to get your attention to take me seriously. I think I have been patient enough, and if I do not receive my money back within this week then I will be forced to take legal measures which is something I really do not want to. But I will as a last resort. Obviously something went wrong on your end, and I do not wish to tell you how to run your business but if you cannot follow the trail at which point my money was lost then you are not very efficient or professional. I'm not interested in the details, if you cannot figure out how to solve the problem according to established business practices then I suggest that you simply transfer me the money instead of making me go through all these loops. I'm not responsible, this was a mistake on your end, and therefore your responsibility. But you do not have the professional courtesy of contacting me with a definitive solution when I have went far out of my obligations to get in touch with you and cooperate with you. I am looking forward to a PHONE CALL resolving this matter WITHIN this week. As I mentioned above do not make me result to taking legal measures.


    Then they finally replied

    Dear Yusuf,

    This is regarding your refund request for your flight reservation with SriLankan Airlines. We understand how important it is for you to get the refund. Our record shows that the refund of USD ----- was already processed on January 07, 2019 back to your MasterCard ending in ----, expiring -------. From the date of transaction, Expedia requested your refund through the airline that collected your payment when you booked your flight. It generally takes about eight weeks before your billing statement reflects the refund. You may check it on your online statements and contact the bank or financial institution to follow up the status of your refund.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank you for choosing Expedia!

    I understand the scope of which Expedia operates but this is just ridiculous.

    To sum everything up, these are the steps I've taken to resolve the issue.

    1) Contacted my bank to which they have requested a reference number to track the amount refunded.

    2) Printed out bank statement, no transactions have been made from Expedia (offered to send statement)

    3) Called Sri Lankan Airlines twice at the request of Expedia, to which the airline has redirected me back to Expedia.

    4) Spoken with Expedia over the phone several time to which 2 case files have been open.

    5) Paid the Kuala Lumpur Expedia branch a visit, to no avail as they could not reach the Expedia HQ due to time difference and ended up talking on the phone for 2 hours with yet another customer representative to which he surely assured me that they are very serious about resolving the issue, which I no longer believe.

    6) Proposed several solution while at the Kuala Lumpur branch such as an employee coming with me to visit my bank, there they could see my bank statement for themselves or a direct call from the branch to my bank would more then suffice.

    7) And finally, receiving an email stating that Expedia will update me in 12 working days (20 days and counting).

    I don't think they are intending on paying me back, a simple call to my bank would solve everything but it doesn't seem they are willing to do so. I'm seriously considering taking legal action. However, something like this has never happened to me before, I would like to know what to expect, along with any uncertainties with me not getting back my money if I proceed with taking legal actions.

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    Default Re: Expedia Refuses to Pay Back Refund of Ticket

    This forum is for US law and it appears that you are in or near Kuala Lumpur. You would have to get advise from lawyer in Kuala Lumpur to resolve the issue if you can't work it out with Expedia.

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    Default Re: Expedia Refuses to Pay Back Refund of Ticket

    According to the reply you got from Expedia, they refunded the amount to your credit card, not your bank account. Have you checked your Mastercard statement?

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