My question involves a child custody case from the State of: CA

I am dealing with a divorce in the state of NY. My soon to be ex husband is trying to file for full custody of our minor children even though there is a standing restraining order and custody orders here in CA due to domestic violence. He is alleging that he was not aware of them and they were dismissed which is not true. He appeared for some of the hearings and never argued jurisdiction. He is now trying to file for custody saying he never was aware of the orders here. My lawyer is saying that most likely the Supreme Court Judge will adopt the orders from CA as we are requesting but of course can't give me a promise that it will happen that way. She already has all transcripts and documents to show he appeared, was served, etc. She also pointed out that he didn't even file for divorce until two months after the children and I became legal residents of this new state. Under what reason would a judge NOT adopt the previous orders?