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    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: New York, Specifically Suffolk County, LI.

    My mother was recently told she had to move because the (loser) landlord said the town found out about his three illegal apartments. (That was because of the fire that the wrongly installed wood burning stove caused...(he's an idiot too)). That was 2 months ago. He said she could use security for last months' rent. She did. Then she hadn't found a place yet so he said she can stay another month. Today she tells me she said the LL said it's really no rush since he's just gutting the apartments anyway. (I personally think he just wants to gut them and redo them because he could easily get $1800-2000 for it and my mother is paying $1300.. but I digress). (She's been there almost 20 years, is elderly, no transportation, *I* don't have transportation and I work so it's hard for us to get this going. There's also no money to hire someone to do anything).

    As I was on the phone with her she got a 30 day notice to quit. She said it was typed up, notarized. There was no sherrif's logo on it, or no lawyer name.

    My question is: does a notice to quit have to be thru the sherrif's office or can it be printed up by the owner and just notarizied. she didn't say who delivered it. she didnt' get a name. (smh). My sister is going over there tomorrow so I'll have her get a picture of the paper and I'll update.

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    No, it doesn't.

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    The notice does not need to be delivered by the sheriff nor does it need to be notorized.

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    Ok thanks! She'll be out by the end of the month anyway. I just wanted to make sure this was legit. He takes things upon himself all the time,.. thinking "it's my property I can do whatever I want". Adding wrap around decks, pools, covered porticos (a 20x12 w/ a 20 foot roof!), wood stoves WITH NO CEMENT BASE, and not installing it correctly thru the roof, putting smoke alarms on a timer switch so you an shut it off if stove cooking sets if off... he's an idiot and if it weren't for my uncle people could have died because HE'S the one who called the fire department about the fire....... Thanks.

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    Just thought I'd update with a story about how messed up the landlord is. My mother lived w/ my uncle. He is just lazy. He has a car and could have easily found a place months earlier but procrastinated. he didn't get an apartment until the LAST WEEK. (and like all other lazy people he got an apartment for $800/month!!! HALF of what going rate is... My mother is paying $1200.. she did everything right and HE gets a deal... anyway.. I digress).
    While I was packing up and cleaning out my mother's apartment ( I had to clean out her apartment of 15 years of CRAP (she's a hoarder)) the landlord comes downstairs a day before I was finished and tells me "I want you to shut the electric off on Tuesday". Meanwhile my uncle wasn't out yet. He was still taking his sweet time packing even tho he found a place and he thinks because he has type 2 diabetes he's an invalid. I looked straight at him and said, "that's illegal. I'll have it shut off when Uncle moves out. He was out the following tuesday and I shut it off Wednesday.

    this is the kind of ass this landlord was.

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    You're awfully fond of name-calling, aren't you?

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    Quote Quoting pg1067
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    You're awfully fond of name-calling, aren't you?
    Just to people that deserve it.

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    Such a "terrible" landlord. And yet mom managed to survive there for almost 20 years.

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